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Asian Suck Dolls is a Thai Porn Site created by the same horny mind that brought you Creampie Thais and Thai Girls Wild. Asian Suck Dolls focuses solely on Thai girls sucking dick. The content here is exclusive and features a nice selection of Asian girls who really know how to please the pole. Asian Suck Dolls gives us an opportunity to watch HOT and horny Thai girls suck dick and get their daily dose of Vitamin C, both on their faces and down their throats! Asian blowjobs are the main focus here, yes there is some hardcore fucking mixed in but for the most part the videos center around these slutty Asian girls from Thailand giving some mean head! You watch some of these Asian blowjob videos and you would think these Thai girls from Pattaya and Bangkok were born with a cock in their mouths; the fellatio technique displayed here is amazing! Like Creampie Thais, the videos here are shot by one man in POV ( point of view ) style. All videos end in either a huge facial cumshot or the girl swallowing cum. Included with your membership to AsianSuckDolls are a number of bonus sites, including the very popular Creampie Thais.


a tiny little spinner

This weeks Asian Suck Dolls episode features 19 year old Nuk from Pattaya. Nuk is a tiny little spinner, the kind of girl you want to pack in your luggage and take home with you. Its amazing how many Thai girls have the same body types. Its like there is a factory somewhere in the Land of Smiles that is pumping out clones of hot Asian Suck Dolls. They all have the same height, weight, etc. and only differ from their facial features. Now dont get me wrong, Im not complaining. I am very happy to be the lead product inspector on this assembly line for ThaiClones Incorporated. My job is simple: Remove clothing, Examine the body, Check vital signs (orally and sometimes vaginally), then Certify each one with my patented Creamer Technology TM, then proceed to shipping. Anyway, Nuk was a great little fuck twat with a great blowjob technique. She is on store shelves now.

the most perfect ass

Ok, what do you want me to write about this weeks Boom Boom episode? Do you want me to give you specifics about this absolutely amazing Asian suck doll who has the most perfect ass on any woman i have ever fucked? I mean yes there are some amazing bubble butts in this world, but when it comes to Asian....you are expecting an ASS that is small, firm, and shaped so perfectly that your cock and groin just melt into it like the last piece of a puzzle. Her name is Oy and she is the sweetest girl with a gorgeous body and a very hungry appetite to satisfy the urges of men and that means taking your load into her sweet young mouth. Your membership gives you access to THREE different episodes of this sexy Asian fuck toy! Now that you have read about Oy, Join Now and VIEW this Asian Goddess get fucked and drink my sperm.

a popular blowjob bar

When you walk by a Blowjob Bar and see a petite little fuck toy sitting and twirling her tongue around a lollypop, its pretty hard not to want your cock to be that lollypop. "Gimme some of that candy," I think to myself while watching Nina, a young 20 year old Asian Suck Doll, lick away at the colored sugar slab as if it were a cum filled cock on a Friday night. Nina is well known at a popular blowjob bar as the girl who can "deepthroat". She gives the kind of blowjob that in your mind you want to sit back, stare, and enjoy, but unfortunately your cock is so overwhelmed with her perfect rhythm that you just cant hold off after nearly a minute and explode into her mouth with your fat load. Well, my experience included this perfect hummer, but I had to feel the inside of her warm pussy before pulling out and painting her face with my candy cream.

She is very sensual

Its Showtime, well actually its Showgirl time! This week you get to experience one of the best ( and sluttiest ) dancers named Star. She is a very sensual Showgirl at one of Thailands hottest GO GOs and I think it shows with her looks, moves, and that really amazing ass. Its like shes half Brazilian or something. Anyway, we got to some small talk, then off came the clothes, then I got the lap dance of a lifetime as she rode my cock up n down. She gives the best head too....you know that really nice and slow sucking and licking as if she actually likes it. Its a good thing I did not shoot this girl for Creampie Thais, because all I could think of is shooting my load down her throat. Well after some fun on my pole, I did what every other chrome pipe has done before, and showered this pretty Thai girls face with my jizz.

not shy anymore

So guess what? A blast from the past is back to take my cum in her mouth. Feast your eyes on 21 year old cumslut Som from Koh Samui. I first met this horny little Thai teen when she was just 18 and I did a creampie scene with her over at Creampie Thais. Now, three years later, my tiny little Asian Fuck Doll is back for another load…this time all over her face! Can you fucking believe it? Her looks are still stunning and she is not shy anymore. She has honed her sucking and fucking skills, which were pretty good to begin with, but this time around I get to blast my cum into her hot mouth and watch her drool it over her amazing big lips and all over her body. Will Som be back for another facial cumshot? Count on it! Join now to see Som creampied at Creampie Thais and facialized here at Asian Suck Dolls!

a mouthful of cum

Sweet Mother of Thailand....err Batman! Check out the eyes on this pretty little fuck twat. Her name is Indyah and shes a half n half with her father being from the country of India. This 20 year old girl is from Pattaya is sexy as hell, but also genuinely sweet. I really hated to have to fill her mouth of spunk for the very first time. Ok no I did not hate it, I loved every minute of it. Its my duty as a Asian Suck Dolls sperminator to do it. Indyah was shy to start, but once the trousers came off, instinct took over and Indyah was right at home. She devoured my cock like the cumslut millionaire she was. She really could fuck too as she let me explore the insides from pretty much every angle under the Mumbai sun. Oh and that pretty bald pussy, its soft, shiny, and feels like butta! "No way Mr. Evil Maharaja, you are not getting her back without a mouthful of cum".

sucking cock and eat cum

Cue the overture, lights, then the curtain opens for this little entertainer. Her name is Tun and she is just 18 years old. I found her in a Karaoke bar, but she was singing a different tune. That is right, she stepped up to my cockrophone, cleared her throat, and started her performance. It was sweet melody as I handled her gear and she played my organ. Then I gave her some of my boom beats from behind and soon enough we were both in harmony. Finally my cock decided the symphony needed a finale so it unleashed a load of sperm inside her mouth and she swallowed. Now that deserves a standing ovation. Encore! Encore! Like Tun? Then you are in luck. Members get two different full length episodes of Tun sucking cock and swallowing cum. Enjoy fellas!

cutie with a booty

Joon is this weeks cutie with a booty. She is 20 years old and works in a sex massage place. If you havent been to one, I definitely encourage you to spend the $40 and experience a young Thai girl washing your whole body in a bath together, then you move to an inflatable mattress outside the tub and she suds you down with warm soapy bubbles. She then climbs on top of you naked and begins massaging your body with hers. She flips you over and that is when you puncture a hole in the mattress with your boner. Afterwards she fucks you on the nearby bed. Well I did not film any of that craziness, but I did invite Joon to my place the next day to do some fucking. Oh and did I mention this soapy superstar swallows too. Joon is so good I brought her back again in a hot threesome ( which you can also see on this site ). Keep your eyes out for more Joon!

more sexual seasoning

Look who is back! 19 year old Bangkok beauty Nana is back and with a little more sexual seasoning. Out of every Thai girl I have ever had the pleasure to be with, Nana has the softest skin. Her fair complexion is very different than the regular Issan girls. Its almost like she never seen the sun before. Well I showed her the light of day when I shot my rays of sunshine onto her tongue. Her sweet mouth just gobbled up my sperm like a kitten in a bowl of milk. Oh and those pink puffy pussy lips are like touching a flower pedal. I really need to creampie this babe…oh wait I have! Your membership also gives you exclusive access to Nanas first creampie video! I cant help but want to shoot my cum onto her big lips while her big beautiful eyes are looking up at me. If you are a fan of BEAUTIFUL Asian women, then Nana will definitely impress you!

good little professional

CIM is what the ad read on the online escort website. Most sex seekers looking for a quick thrill know that "CIM" is used to describe an escorts services, with translates to Cum In Mouth. Of course my first meeting with 20 year old Jantra landed the cute porta-pussy a raw creampie. But this time the plan was to explore her online tactic and give her a fat load across her tongue. Professional Thai slut Jantra came over quickly dressed up as a b-bopping teen and ready to get her reward. She started licking up and down my shaft and sucking my head with her warm mouth. Then I bent her over and slid my cock between her beautiful buns and began fucking her pretty little slit pussy. Finally, I decided it was time to dump my p-popping wad all over her adorable face and open mouth. Ah, good little professional.

elite class of bar girl

This Asian Suck Dolls episode is special. Remember the movie Coyote Ugly? Well the movie was a big hit in the land of smiles especially for bar and pub owners. A lot of establishments started recruiting sexy Bangkok girls to dress in Daisy Duke booty shorts with short halter tops and dance up on the bars and speakers. Normally these babes represent the elite class of bar girl since they get top salary and do not have to take any clothes off. However, I did find one diamond in the ruff and her name is Teaw. She has to be one of the prettiest girls in Thailand. Pay attention boys because you are about to see the most amazing coyote dancer suck, fuck, and swallow my entire load in one gulp. The sexual force is strong with this one! Peep the video for all the exclusive porn action. You wont see this girl anywhere else on the net.

a semen splash

Check out the body on this mischievous looking Thai girl. Her name is Gik (geek) which in ho talk means someone who gives money each month or takes care of them. We normally call this a sponsor. Some girls can have as many as 10 giks depending on their skills and ability to conjure up new stories. And lets face it, with Giks cute look and tiny Asian body, you would be sending the checks too. Her many tattoos gives off the impression that shes a hard girl, but shes actually quite nice and very submissive. I can fuck this petite Thai girl in any position and she just subdues to the pussy pounding. But with my thrusting engine winding down and my balls ready to burst, I pushed Gik to the floor and prepared her for a semen splash across her mouth, face, and chin. I emptied a gallon of jizz and she took it just as an Asian Suck Doll should.

another load of cream

Ahh My darling Joon is hungry for another load of cream. 20 year old Joon was such a big hit with Asian Suck Dolls fans that I just had to bring her back for another scene. Now Since none of you are offering to fill her tummy with your cum concoction, I will do it for you. Ha, yeah right you guys would trample me to death to get a taste of sweet Joon. Ok now pay attention to her lips. In fact open an image of her and look how delicious those lips are. Imagine them wrapped around your cock, then kissing down your shaft and sucking on your balls. After a wonderful hum-job, she lies back and you move into position between her hairless cunt and slide your cock inside her wet pussy. I want to cum instantly but I know I got to spray my load across those big beautiful lips and into her open mouth. Members get access to FOUR, that is right four full length scenes of Joon. WOW!

prowl for some cock

This week I went to an after hours disco and through the haze of darkness and strobe lights, I stumbled upon a small Asian diva. After some small talk she agreed to escort me back to my room. Not is a 20-something freelancer who was on the prowl for some cock and cash. She was quick to show off her nice perky tits and her brand new pussy piercing. Now my theory is that if a girl has a lot of tattoos she knows how to fuck, but when her clit is pierced, then you better prepare for the ride of your life. She got down and started sucking on my cock like a good little nymph but I just could not wait to bury my cock into her shaved slit. We did some serious fucking before I finally had her suck me off and I sprayed my load all over her face.

Get down on knees

My little 85lbs Asian spinner is back. Now she is back to engage in another short time fuck only to be rewarded with a messy facial. They say actions speak louder than words, and Nat is definitely a believer in this. She did not say one word throughout the entire scene! Uhh fine by me. Why cant more girls be like Nat. Walk in, take off clothes, get down on knees, suck, swallow and leave. Perfect! Nat is a cute Asian doll with sweet sucking skills and a tight little pussy. I did not do my usual exploration of her body because I have been there, done that so it was quickie lick, and zoom zoom the boom boom. I pounded her raw, then pulled out of her tank and blew my sticky cum all over her cute young face.

silky hairless pussies

Hottest Asian Suck Dolls episode to date? Ding Ding Ding we have got a winner! Joon and Mo, two former Asian Suck Dolls, join forces…on my cock! What do you want in the world more than anything? How about two naked girls in your room, in your bed, fucking umm naked! Yeah, no need to buy flowers, create small talk, or deal with unfastening a bra. They are already Naked! So what would you stud muffins do in this fantasy situation? It does not matter because I did it for you. Mo & Joon were eager to get the double dip treatment and I was happy to oblige. First a little tag team sucking on my cock and balls, then it was time to bury my cock into there silky hairless pussies. Finally I showered both their lips and tongues with my cum and they kissed. Ahhh how sweet! Now get dressed! Seriously fellas this may in fact be one of the hottest scenes I have EVER shot.

teens pussy flushed

I knew from the second her teens pussy flushed out the last of my creampie, that she would be back for another scene. Guess what? I was right! Beer is a natural born porno star with the cutest face, nice rack, and a bubble butt that would make a bar of soap proud. But besides her great looks, this girl can suck and fuck like a girl straight out of any adult movie. I mean seriously if Beer was in America, she would be the next up and coming Asian Porn Star, right next to the likes of Tera Patrick. She is truly gifted to be a sex queen at such a ripe age. I just sat back and enjoyed the view while she polished my knob before I blasted several white streaks of cum upon her pretty little face. Asian Suck Dolls members get THREE different full length videos of Beer sucking cock and swallowing cum, as well as two Creampie scenes

fucking her doggie style

Kip is a dream teen that did her first scene with me and now she is back to get a nasty facial across her pretty little face. After the Creampie scene, the only thing I could think of was bringing back Kip and filming her for a second time. Well after running into her near one of my favorite go-gos, I had to bring her back that very second. Thankfully for me I have always got a camera on me. We walk a few feet to the shorty short room and I get to work. Kip has a fantastic ass with a wonderful feeling Thai pussy. I had her slob my knob for a few minutes before bending her over and fucking her doggie style. I then had to bounce that terrific rump up and down my cock until finally I sprayed a nice white load of cum across her teen face. Asian Suck Dolls members get access to FOUR different Kip fuck scenes. Wow

inside her sweet mouth

This weeks Asian Suck Dolls episode features 18 year old Puy. Schoolgirl Puy is a young teen Thai girl looking for extra money for her books. Perfect, the Asian Suck Dolls financial aid office is open for business! I invited the cute Thai girl in to offer her an idea on how she could get a few extra baht to achieve her goal. Well she was not surprised to know that in order to continue her education that she would need to study my book worm closely. If I did not know any better Id guess Puy has sucked many cocks in her life to get her upscale education. In fact i am pretty sure shes taking blowjobs 101 at her university…and most likely at the top of her class. My cock only wanted a few minutes of being inside her sweet mouth before finally shooting a nice white facial across her student face. Seriously the facial ending in this episode is epic! Join now to see it all!

keeping me aroused

Fucking hookers! Kim is a whatever and she works at whatever and to sum it all up....whatever. Her phone kept ringing over and over even after requests to turn it off. I think it was her farang boyfriend calling to make sure she was not sucking cock. And she was not, technically, since she was doing an awful job of keeping me aroused. But, then my phone rang and it was old school Asian Suck Dolls model Fon who was in the area and wanted to stop by. I explained the situation and she said shed happily finish the job for a few extra baht. Within minutes Fon was at the door, then on the floor wrapping her pretty lips around my growing cock. It only took a few minutes of suction power from this professional Asian cocksucker and I was shooting my load onto her tongue. Asian Suck Dolls members get FOUR full exclusive movies of Fon sucking cock!

The blowjob force

There are many places to find sex in Bangkok. It all depends on your mood, the time, and of course your wallet. I myself like to find the quick, easy, and cheap whores because it all feels the same on the inside! There are actually some really cute girls wandering the streets of Bangkok which is where I found 21 year old Nim. I smiled, she smiled and then she placed her hand in mine and we were off. Back at my hotel, Nim gave me a quick glance at her sweet Asian titties, round brown ass, and perfectly shaved Asian pussy before pulling out my cock and giving me a nice humjob. The blowjob force is strong with this one! I then fucked this tight Asian teen in a couple different positions and finally painted her young face with all my sperm. This is one cumshot you HAVE to see. Nims cumshot face is one for the ages. Its safe to say she was not expecting such a huge load.

cumming long enough

The minute I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to get it on with Aon. 19 year old Aon was wandering the Bangkok streets late one night when she offered her services to me. With a cute face and a rocking body, I could not resist. Oh and she mentioned not only did she love sucking cock, but she also was okay with a facial. Sold! So I brought Thai Teen Aon back to my room and immediately had her remove her clothes and show off her sweet teen body. Holy crap what a package on this Thai Tart. Nice and perky Thai titties on Nympho babe Aon one and a spectacular ass that perked up just right while she was sucking my cock. I so badly wanted to plunge deep into her vaggg-gine that I almost shot my load then. Thankfully I was able to hold off from cumming long enough to fuck Aon in several ways before finally dumping my jizz all over her mouth and face.

this girls onion booty

This weeks Asian Suck Dolls model features 20 year old whore Tak from Pattaya. Big ass Asians! There seems to be more and more of them roaming the bars in Thailand now that the economy is showing signs of financial progress. As you know I like my girls small and petite you all know Ill fuck anything with a vagina. So, on occasion I can go for a juicy booty like 20 yr old Tak. Her plump rump and butterfly pussy were begging to get drilled doggie style. Seriously this girls onion booty brought tears to my eyes. But her true genius is when she straddled me and began bouncing her big ass up and down my cock. I so badly wanted to cum deep in her shaved pussy but remembered that she said she would swallow my load so I stood up and doused her mouth with my salty sperm and she gobbled it down!

milky white cum

20 year old Nue is a Bangkok Pretty girl. These girls are usually hired by big companies to host their products at conventions, festivals, or Thai events. They often wear cute or sexy outfits, themed with their companies colors and logo. Nue happened to be working for a popular beverage company, passing out little magnetic stickers. As soon as she smiled, I knew right then I had to shoot my load upon her bright orthodontics. I quickly asked if she did any private modeling and she said yes. A few hours later she was in my room sucking on my cock, getting fucked doggie and I finally got my wish and blasted load after load of milky white cum across her beautiful braces. It hits her teeth and oozes down between her metal and into her open mouth. Yum-Yum, my Nyum-Nyum girl! If you have a fetish for Petite Asian teens with braces, then youre going to love Nue!

She fucked my brains

There must be a pornographic film school somewhere in Thailand. First Beer, then Kip and now Bea. Im starting to come across more and more girls who seem to have a natural pornstar talent that would make any professional adult actress envious. I mean seriously, these Thai nymphs must be watching skin flicks and learning the craft of sucking and fucking while a mechanical lens captures every detail. 22 year old Bea definitely is a video vixen. She is the type of girl I love to shoot because my only job is to hold the camera steady while she gives me the ultimate sexual performance. She fucked my brains out, then knelt in front of me and waited for me to blast all my cum into her mouth. She then looked directly into the camera, dribbled my oral creampie out over her pornstar lips and down her chin....and thats a wrap!